Kissing Meditation

Kissing Meditation

Can't Fight The Moonlight by - Dunja -

March 24, 2010
Deep kissing is meditation.  All religions and spiritual nudniks who in the long past have not given any form of raising consciousness that has anything to do with love (‘NOT ACCORDING TO THEIR OPINIONS’), have destroyed the rise of humankind from it’s grave of suffering.  Be it the ‘make believe celibacy’ of the Catholic church or any other religious organization practice under the auspices of God’s direction, are all full of unadulterated smelly crap!

Until recently, and now only in the liberal sects of Christianity, have they let up on putting the verdict of ‘fire and eternal hell’ in minds for anything trespassing their subjective borders of what’s right or wrong. Young people are very impressionable and susceptible to erroneous rhetoric from those in positions of appearing to speak for God. Islam threatens death to those who don’t follow the ‘rules of love’ even though they’ve made them up. Even the so called ‘gurus from India’ almost exclusively, have nothing to say from experience on matters of love between two people.  All of them just don’t know, and are brainwashed themselves!

Unknowingly in my first teen years, I discovered one of the great unrecognized forms of meditation – kissing.  For reason that came natural, I as many others in the Western world, somehow knew when to ‘draw a line’ with sexual exploration for good purpose, instead electing to focus on acceptable safer forms of love’s expressions.  Never did I have a clue about this thing called meditation or clearing the mind into awareness. Quite naturally my instincts led to use common sense in romantic ways that needed to be kept from the sight of adults, but was sensitive to nature’s surprises of ‘continuing the species’.

For those years I would spend more hours than I could count in embrace of a girl with kissing that moved all thoughts into another realm of ecstasy. The  back dark row in the movie theater was a good 2 1/2 hour opportunity as some movie played much to our obliviousness. Anywhere an opportunity of being alone was filled with kissing and hugging. Only an intense other type of meditation could possibly create the bliss of divine nirvana that happened. Kisses sweeter than the finest wine lasting longer than it normally takes to drink a glass of it were favored!  Many beautiful experiences were discovered not without noticing that ‘white lies’ took on a new reason to use for members of either family!  Kissing and hugging opens the heart and consciousness above the waistline of meditation! Deep kissing clearly opens a merging with the stars and divine godliness!

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