Inner Fattie

Inner Fattie
inner beauty by starphototegal
March 23, 2010
Outer fat people are far more beautiful than they regard themselves. There is ‘invisible fat’ inside most people consisting of ‘clogged perceptions’ of who they really are, and how others view them as.  Being one with a ‘lean inner’, I have found over the years that those with a ‘fat inner and outer’ send out few vibrations of attraction.  On the other hand, those with outer attractiveness often depend on that for attention from others, but not uncommonly are ‘fat inside’ with fears and consequent mixed emotions about themselves and others.

Nearly all the world population is living under illusion or false perception of the qualities or lack thereof that they individually possess. All humans have the seeds of near perfection or real self love.  Most seeds within go unnoticed, and not given the attention they need to grow into the qualities that everyone has that all equate to ‘love’.  Buddha is always seen laughing because when he saw the truth of everyone’s illusion, it brought him sorrow, and at the same time what could he do but laugh at how people lived in the outer.
Buddha saw the suffering that people wore inside and out, but knew each was seconds away from the real answer that would begin to release them from the suffering that gets passed on for thousands of years. Seek the laughter of consciousnes

The ‘inner fat’ is nothing more that an accumulation of repeated barriers to seeing oneself clearly.  The secret is to clear all hindrances within even if it means forgiving what and whomever needs to be forgiven for inciting the dark spaces that only grow keeping out the light of consciousness and bliss.  Loving oneself forever is more important than any goal of the outer world.

The outer is often pursued with vigor as a way to ignore and avoid the pains, unresolved issues, and ignorance of the nirvana within. With little attention to the inner there is a void in the collaboration of the inner meeting the outer of you, and those you really want to connect with.  These are very new times for the communication of love and compassion that has been so unattended in centuries past.  The past is best to remember for what not to repeat while the future is filled with divine godliness for those who awaken in their hearts.

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