Women are Perverts

Women are Perverts
Girls on my mind (Vin) 2006 by - VIN -
March 22, 2010
Never men!? Women create all wars?  Perversion is to create activity that is ‘self serving’ often at the expense of another, however perhaps the best sex in mutual agreement is ‘perverted sex’ ironically!  Men generally think of sex more than anything else, it’s always a question of ‘how’.  Females are typically much more conservative in sexual thoughts and action with few exceptions.  Females are more controlled by guilt primarily from religious dogma and male domination.

In a balanced world both male and female have equal opportunities for healthy sex. The world has perpetually been skewed out of balance toward men’s freedoms, be they far less than most men appreciate.  Women continue to be controlled by men perverting sex and love to suit their needs first.  Both the male and female through out the world today are still immature in all matters of sex and love.  Empathy and compassion can never be short of all concerns for the other.  Sensitivity and discernment is what separates humans from the animal who is programmed to continue the species at all cost.

Women are the ‘protectors of love’ and the possessors of the secrets of love.  In actuality, few men or women spend their life focused on love of another unconditionally.  Life is rarely black and white but different shades of gray.  Circumstances and viewpoints are always to be considered, but harmony is the healthy way. You have to decide what is good for your life without interference in another’s life or allowing them to interfere in your life. There are few absolutes in life as life is relative.  Whatever you feel is right, always considering the other, do it.

The ‘golden rule’ is always best to follow, ‘Do unto others what you would have them do unto you’, with my added consideration to not hurt anyone else (some pervert the ‘golden rule’ to serve them)!  Now that we are slowly emerging from the morality shackles of the ancient world into greater wisdom and freedom for all, it’s the moment to always go toward the light that best exposes harmony in all facets of life and love.  Time is love!  Take the time to love and merge the two while the opportunity waits. Anything else, is to pervert the fulfillment of love’s mysteries and beauties! Give time to love and love will give the best time.

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