MisJudge Dorker

Misjudge Dorker
The Dork Squad by Noa Liberatorarh
March 20, 2010
Foot-in-mouth syndrome doesn’t always work especially when the gun in the pocket accidentally ‘misjudges’ and shoots one in the foot. Jumping to conclusions without seeing the facts is a situation we’ve all found ourselves in on occasion, however it’s a bad habit that breaks up families, loved ones, and friends.  Think before speaking, or judging is always a good mantra.

The eyes and tongue are often clouded by the ‘mind of judgment’ be it from fear, paranoia, lack of discernment or just plain seeing through ones unresolved issues. ‘Quick as a fox’ doesn’t take into account that the fox may encounter more than just chickens guarding the hen house.  Smart is often a subjective stalemate of the mind bolstered by the arrogant ego that needs to take itself to the woodshed. It’s never too late to do a turn around, but taking the foot out of the mouth that spoke without clear thinking and compassion for keeping peace on the farm, frequently finds itself mired in a high wired barrier to recover the damage done to an innocent situation.

Misjudging is really a ‘self inflicted wound’ that can end up creating a wound or disabling an otherwise peaceful coexistence.  It’s been said that one mishap can spoil a hundred rights, but particularly when there is not adequate self love on one or both sides.  It’s easy to make a nice soup but easier to spoil it with one mistaken ingredient.  To see when one has misjudged, and correcting the possible damage, takes courage that is not necessarily in plentiful supply. It’s best to not put oneself in a position where the supply of courage is low.  Empathy and putting one’s self in the others shoes, is a quality that will avoid ‘unthought out’ miscues.

Misjudgments proliferate among work, friends, family, acquaintances and anywhere and everywhere, even with animals, plants, or the weather.  Harmony in families is particularly sacred as they are the very foundation of life, however it’s common for one or more family members to throw an ax into the relationship hurting others and making it nearly impossible to recover. Family members who damage the harmony by not taking responsibility for initiating the fizzier, are never free of the karma of damage.  In marriages, both are responsible for repairing any doors closed, and opening them. Life and love are about finding the self love within to better see and address responsibility for all misjudgments. LIght a candle in the darkness to see the light of what is. Uncork the dork of blindness!

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