Unqualified for Love

Unqualified for Love

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March 19, 2010
Defensive ego’s that likely will never be qualified for love are stuck in the ‘sheeple pen’ of going no where but butting their heads against the self imposed gates rather than being like the sheep in dreams that ‘jump over the fence’ into freedom. Many wonderful people are also only equipped to function in survivable relationships that don’t break any records of ‘how to live and love best’. If ‘cookie’ relationships are your cup of tea as desirable, that’s a choice.

Few regard deep love as a quest, or a common way of acceptable living.  The majority are qualified to be good pet owners, bill payers, fishermen, nice neighbors, say ‘hi to people’ and so forth. Over the years, out of thousands I’ve met, less than a handful  exude love of themselves and the consequent ability to have unlimited love with another. Also rare jewels, are ones who have a relentless passion to uncover the love within them for themselves. People tend to find comfort in being uncomfortable with accepting themselves and the love-hate relationship they have manifested.

People continue being like sheeple fenced in to ‘graze’ and, unconsciously wait for their ‘shearing’ by the world.  Never do they take seriously the opportunity to lose the fear of ‘sheep jumping over the fence’.  Freedom of love really starts with letting go of all the ‘masks’ that are easily accepted as barriers by society and belief systems.  To continue being ‘fenced in’ with ‘do’s and don’ts’ of love is to remain unqualified to venture into the unknown treasures of how deep love can grow, and beyond.

Throwing the one quality that changes life for the better against a wall, is to endlessly question the value of life and it’s hidden meanings.  Looking for gold in the desert or in a dark forest with ‘hopes and dreams’ of finding it, is to fuel endless depression and false hope.  Love is gold but, much more plentiful yet elusive while being in other ‘zones or frequencies’ of priorities.  Love is too precious to be given to just anyone who doesn’t love themselves.  Glimpses of love are ‘carrots’ to remind one that it’s there.  Reality is, one has to be qualified and, that means opening the heart with no fears!

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