~ Liebe ist göttlich ~ Love's Divine ~ by jetzgetzab (Gerhard :)
March 18, 2010
Having sex and ‘making love’ are two distinctly different acts.  The first can be done by any Joe and Mary, or Jerry and Bruce in a moments notice. With mutual consent, the world needs more of it, but without the consequences that are undesired.  Sex in the imagination is a natural and healthy thing.  Love in the imagination is transformative. Sex is the ‘doorway’ to higher states of consciousness but for those who just stand in the doorway with little vision of what lies in front of their ‘self greed’.

Celibacy is for the impotent at best!  There is no heaven for the ‘celibate’ but a ‘liars prison’ for using it’s claim as an opportunity to ‘enslave others minds’, or put themselves on a pedestal of hot air.  We still live in a world where there is tremendous fear of sex often sent out into the air by unconscious repressions which amount to insecurities that haven’t been let go of. Society, largely represented by politicians and religions, seeks to create every means possible to keep control.  Fear of death and sex are the primary tools. Both fears have infinite ways of being ‘put out’ for mass results of the populace.

There is no record of any enlightened person ever being impotent.  The ‘enlightened’, if anything, were too much sexual and, had the discernment to see that there was more to inner fulfillment. They experienced it through and through, so much so that they began to question if there was more leading them to the road of self realization or enlightenment. Often the so called enlightened began (begin) to see themselves as ‘avatars’ of wisdom but in fact, really put perfume and spin on their ‘hotdogging’ for the pleasure of having others listen to them.

Unenlightened people (including the false ‘enlightened’) can only have sexual relationships which they call ‘making love’. They should stop calling it ‘making love’ and call it the truth, ‘making sex’! Only an enlightened person can really ‘make love’ because there is no need to ‘make sex’. An ‘enlightened person can go any length of time, even years, without the need for sex, but they can enjoy it for fun!

I can play cards; it is not a need. I can drink once in a while; it did not disturb my enlightenment, nothing did. I can make love. My enlightenment was not made of such fragile matter; it cannot be disturbed by anything. But it can disturb some people’s idea of enlightenment. That is their business. In fact, they are perpetually wondering if enlightened people transcend sex? My answer is that the enlightened person transcends enlightenment too.  I found it interesting but, boring. Convert sex making to love making!

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