Mom was a Virgin
Extra (134) Virgin Islands - Mom by AaronCaldwell
March 17, 2010
No problem …  I still made it! Most women remain virgins as do even more men.  Physical is only one dimension of being ‘virgin’, and even that is now a possible situation to give physical virgin birth with ‘sperm banks’ (Sorry, Mary, but it’s no longer a big thing to give birth and call yourself a ‘virgin Emily or Jennifer’).  Be one a prostitute, playboy, nymphomaniac, or father or mother of 10, likely one is, and will remain a virgin in the ‘spiritual sense’, of deep self love, while avoiding transcending beyond attachments of the physical.

To lose ‘spiritual virginity’ means something entirely different than in the physical sense.
It’s to enter into a place forever beyond the mind and physical into a dimension really only understood by those who have entered into it.  This isn’t meant to infer that one doesn’t have to be in the physical or mental in daily activities but is, upon close connection, one who has reached a point beyond any fear of seeing oneself as ‘everyone’, and exposing ones ‘self’ completely to those who are also in this rare dimension.

To melt naturally into existence with no barriers is to lose an illusion that nearly everyone walks in, oblivious to the reality of their divine nature.  Dating back to the ’60’s, scientific studies were done on the effects of the psychedelic drug LSD ( Lysergic acid diethylamide).  Drugs like LSD or anything not within that alters experiences is not permanent and potentially damaging.

Deep meditation and/or achieving that same blissful, calm, inner joyous state through deep love as a form of meditation can, create an inner space of a self realization that follows one through the challenges of life. This state wipes clear all attachment to perils of memory that influence a behavior limiting the ability to experience love on a dimension that is always consistent in all situations. All needs of what’s commonly known as ‘a god’ or savior in belief systems dissolve.  The ‘higher self’ absorbs the highest emotions and converts them to a ‘cosmic like consciousness’ where the being is filled with love whether seen by others or not. Letting go with awareness lifts the ‘veils of self deception’ that billions hide behind.  Arhata

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