Women are Dorks
A2-Concept-2 by coopercrafts
March 16. 2010
Dorks because men are clever at lying and playing on their weaknesses!  The ‘future woman’ is still the rare woman even in the ‘so called free’ western world.  Everywhere else, woman is ‘chattel for man’.  Today’s western woman is in transition believing she is free to be as free as a man.  Anyone who believes that is really a ‘dork’, or in other words just ‘stupid’ of what’s going on in the personal, economic, and social world ruled by men – usually with cowardly deceit. Dorks because they believe their men are living on the high road with them in their heart, and no one else.

All, let me repeat, ALL men who are virile, and in a position to hide their sexual lusts, are going to act on them the best that they can, and without total communication with a partner, will lie telling what will make life convenient for them.  Men in most cultures are still animals.  In the western culture, animals dressed and insistent upon being ‘above question’, but the same with ‘colored icing’ on the cake.  Now, men have the ability to lead their lives always in pursuit of their sexual gratification if they can get away with it.
Men on Wall St. don’t just make millions to put their kids through college to do the same old thing if they are male.

Most women still live in a dream world controlled by men.  Women can claim control only because they have what men want, other then that, it’s an illusion.  Humans and the world changes when women become like ‘Buddha’s’.  Women need to own themselves rather than be a slave to the ‘deceptions of man’ to tuck away while they run the roost. Any man who doesn’t communicate fully with a woman who never punishes for any honesty, is no higher than the animals mass produced for the appetites of the non caring consumer who looks for the bargain that satisfies his thirst.

Consciousness is a word that means little to humanity that seeks to fill the belly of their wants as quickly and effortlessly as possible.  Everyone’s guilty of never doing enough to change the situation in this current world of ‘never seen information and technology’. At the current pace, this whole human race can change this dilemma in a hand full of years but is likely headed ‘in toto’ to a complete burial of the humans now occupying earth. Hatred, ignorance, false love, and refusal to elevate consciousness of the self and others is epidemic. Home is where the heart is and, it’s time to spend quality time there!


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