Bohemian Lust

29osh04March 15. 2010
Living a life in a ‘soap opera’ to support a life style that is a ‘grandma’s cookie cutter’ style smelling of robot odor, is to live life with blinders on.  There’s an ‘eject button’ on everyone’s life throughout life. If you’re one following the ‘cookie cutter life’, would you like to watch the film of you life for millions of years on the other side? The experience might be that if you see you led a life of giving love from your heart to yourself and others, there may be more exciting adventures much sweeter than coming back here. If you primarily led a life of ‘self denial or hatred’, or one that essentially was ‘material’ – it’s back again until you get it.

Careers are ok for starters but soon become ‘careers to avoid’ knowing who you really are apart from titles for the ego game.  Who you really, are and what purpose you may have to give back, in thankfulness, for the betterment of the world, needs time.  Time to stop, reflect, and let the inner grow.  Success is societies illusion to keep your nose to some grindstone to keep you in the ‘clog’. Some people are meant to be ‘lights for the world’ and, not just workers regardless of status.  ‘Lights of consciousness’ live for the passion of love of themselves and others.

The ‘Bohemian’ in consciousness, lives a life in search of inner meanings for themselves, and as a guide and inspiration to those coming out of the dark of the ‘cookie cutter machine’. The ‘bohemian’ is not against material benefits but places them far back on the agenda of loving a life of celebration of harmony.  The bohemian finds comfort among the artists, poets, writers, and general bohemians of living a conscious, joyful life.

A 25 year old female friend from the Middle East ‘upper society’ is living here having escaped being a ‘chattel’ of a male dominated, female abusive society.  Her passion is to start informing as many as possible from her country of the necessity for women’s right to live a life free of ‘slavery’ by men’s rules.  She is willing to live a life of a bohemian to dedicate her growing wisdom to a cause making it a more conscious. loving world.  That is a ‘divine career’ far more useful than sitting on a ‘freeway parking’ lot going to work for some corporation while having to pay for gas, car usage, insurance, special clothes for work, stress medications, and infinite other non necessities to maintain societies ludicrous image.  The ‘bohemian life’ is the best life to live to the fullest.


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