Tithe 50%

Tithe 50%

You Are Blessed Always

March 14, 2010
All attachment is indicative of one’s attachment to illusion.  Illusion creates the illusion of entitlement.  Nothing is yours except that which can be given away. Take ‘greed’ away and the world changes! Everyone is seconds away from ‘God’s reset button’!  Giving to yourself beyond ‘need’ is fertile ground for likely accumulating more ‘greed’.  Greed creates abuse of yourself and all others. Stripping away all the outer, and the inner reveals itself. Rich or poor, most are chasing accumulations to hide behind.

Being attached to money, and the unnecessary pursuit of it, is a shield to hide the real you and be replaced by the false you that stimulates the ‘greed need’ and only serves to strengthen the ego of entitlement. Any moment ‘existence’ will foreclose on you, killing all chances of sharing the love that sits in the empty heart and the mind that was filled with garbage.

Always be giving and forgiving.  Giving yourself more attention to matters of the heart while giving to another and others. Forgiving yourself for that inattention by giving the sensitive and compassionate side of you the main priority.  Giving to endless ‘self love’ is the doorway to loving life and another. It’s rare that either a poor or rich man is not too busy to value real love as much as the preoccupation with attaining what is not needed while hoarding it for reasons that serve no one, not even himself.

The poor has his heart to give to others.  The rich has little to give but the material until releasing himself from the attachment to money and things. Only those not attached to the material are really in a position to give from the heart for the betterment of life. Always be giving 100% in spirit. Always be mindful that all material is to be shared especially to those who are dedicated to making a difference in life.  The world is as it is due to ‘greed’ without ‘show-able’ compassion for others.

If existence can always give 100%, isn’t it not too much to ask that at least 50% of that, which will be given away to existence anyway, be distributed to those making the world a better place for all life? It’s time to stop, look inside for the hidden treasures and, see that all accumulation is mainly adding to the destruction of life under the guise of helping the world. The material is an illusion, love is real, but treated as an illusion. Be a gardner for a better world, not a thief of love for just one’s own garden that is only shared with the birds, bugs, and greedy others. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.  What’s left is now and ‘you alone’ with an empty love bank that needs your ‘real assessment and investment’!


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