Life for Rent

March 13, 2010
No one owns anything, the best thing to come close to owning is ‘self love’.  Self love is the best protection to all disappointments, and the closest thing to owning.  Be a conscious renter, not a buyer. What would God do? ‘It’ wouldn’t be a ‘greedy son of a bitch’ for sure!  God (existence) would give back to help life that helps others from the heart.  Those who have the mixed fortune to acquire assets are prisoners of those attachments that keep them locked in with only the other greedy nincompoops who are attached to thinking they have something.  Existence will prove otherwise! The dead don’t have money, and everyone is seconds away from the ‘ultimate separation’!

My suggestion, is that all assets accrued beyond the ‘necessities’ to live, that at least 50% of them be given away to those with worthy causes struggling to make it a better world.  Giving back is always a priority at any age, however there may be merit in earning as much as is possible in a healthy, conscious way until, let say 50 years old.  At 50, all with excess should give 10% of all assets to people with a sincere cause to elevate humanity.  At 55, give 20%. At 60, give 30%. At 65, give 40%. At 70, 50%.  By the time one reaches their last moments on earth, there should be just the bare minimum left.  Empty we came, empty will shall leave except with a heart filled with the riches of self love and giving.

Want to change the world, and yourself? GIVE! Had a friend who died recently in his early 60’s. He took several million with him to the grave – nothing for anyone including his siblings. Weeks before his passing, he complained to me on the phone that the cancer treatments were too expensive, and he didn’t get ‘health insurance’. I softly mentioned that it really doesn’t matter! Weeks later he left for Catholic Heaven with his small fortune – or so for those who believe in fairy tales.

We are the only creatures on earth ever in recorded history to have the opportunity to  experience seemingly everything.  Why not experience all the divine possibilities right here now within, starting with the heart, while letting go of all attachments? Giving to love and life is the real Savior!  Be the centerpiece of love and compassion!


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