L Word Meets F Word

L Word meets F Word

You Are Blessed  Always

March 12, 2010
Is it Fun to be a Loser?  When ‘Love meets Fear’, love loses!  Unless love drowns out fear nothing is left but a patchwork of memories that likely never escaped the wars between the closeness of intimacy and the fears of abandonment. Sex is a given to keep the species going.  Love is not a given but in most people, must be learned as fears are disposed of.  Only ‘practical fears’, like looking both ways before crossing the street need be present.  Fears of closeness for love are always unresolved childhood fears.

Ironically, fear destroys love, but yet it takes unrelenting love to dissolve all fears to let love blossom.  Love needs to be free of attachments to damage but when lovingly pursued, destroys damage.  Life can exist with little but a sliver of love with fears all around, however it’s like getting a suntan among the trees of a forest. Another surreptitious way to destroy love is strangely by love itself, or more accurately, by false love that exists but with little sincerity or energy.

Sex goes on in every inch of the planet especially where the human animal can be found. One noteworthy sexual researcher has noted that ‘alone sex’ is more common than mutual sex. It might be added that sex without love is likely more common than sex with love.  Recently, interviews with women from war torn Afghanistan revealed that there was agreement that over 90% of all females had been sexually abused by males.
Most of the abuse was from rape, molestations and/or bodily harm often scarring them for life physically and psychologically.  Abuse creates fear that’s passed on to children creating symptoms in perhaps generations of new life. It’s not unrealistic to assume that in many cultures and lands, billions never experience deep love more than all the animals do! Is it any wonder that the world is in perpetual strife and fear?

Stop chasing ‘pipe dreams’ and biological needs out of control, and focus on getting to know the only person you can really know – yourself! It’s the first time in history where millions can do that and actually find the magic of love with another apart from just sex and relentless abuse of the gifts of love and life without fear. Everyone is entitled to be free to find love void of fear!

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