Escape from Hell

3070150195_fa0718fba3_mMarch 7, 2010
Your life is no ordinary life that needs to be trapped in a box you’ve made for yourself. The  days of slavery are over.  You have the ‘key’ to the prison box that you’ve locked yourself into. Escaping is one thing but ‘looking over your shoulder’ with the prison stripes on, is not the freedom that is your right. Convicting oneself and, accepting judgments from others that become your own self judgments, is to be the accuser, jailer, guard and, victim!

Never accept opinions that make you miserable let alone any morality that makes you feel guilty. Always shun all attempts to enforce something or anything that doesn’t complement your nature of who you are.  Being yourself you are perfect. Living someones else’s idea of who you are is giving away the power to be the real you. It can amount to a case of ‘mistaken identity’! Imagine going through life thinking you are someone you are not really.  It’s always time to find out who you really are even it takes going into the mountains for 40 days and 40 nights.

Hell is disguised in infinite forms from being in a war to loving someone that you’re obligated to continue to ‘fake it with’ while faking any self love of yourself!  You’re all by yourself and, if that never hits the ‘insight’ button, people do still exist being in a vegetative state. ‘Hell’ might be striving for outer success only to find that ‘success’ is just a word tossed around by society as an unconscious idea that amounts to avoiding the real truths hidden inside somewhere.

‘Stuck’ is a word that defines situations that limit ones freedom of inner self expression. Sometimes a clean breakaway from all the roots of family, friends, community as well as habits, beliefs and general nonsense is the only way to find out who you really are and, to live in truth.  Hell either freezes over or, burns all truths that so would make life a venture into inner bliss and a passion for doing what warms the soul.  We reap what we sow, so why not be a soldier of love that escapes from all hells?

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  1. Nice one Erk it strikes home for me. Nice to see your direction of thought is still a direction of personal freedom. You seem to have struck the right chord.


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