Truth Catches Lies

3234182046_04dbee7215_mMarch 6, 2010
Ever seen a ‘truth catcher’ – not the ‘dream catcher’ that is so popular for ‘wishing upon a star’. YOU ARE the ‘truth catcher’ if, you’re not the one to be caught. Lies come dressed in all kinds of clothes from denial of the truth to outright omission or ‘coverup’ of the evidence.  Another form would be to ignore the obvious or, even to not see what needs to be the obvious and, not to ignore ‘deception’.  A train coming down the tracks is good reason to realize the impending danger of hopping off the tracks!

The governments are ‘professional liars’ paid by you to keep their jobs through sugar coating the distasteful to make the masses happy and, be controlled. Gee, that might even work in the millions of bedrooms!  The ‘cluck’ you sleep with is likely a combo truth teller/lie feeder better qualified to spin hogwash than the politicians you elect who abuse the trust while learning the secrets of spinning ‘truth and lies’ for the gullible. Lies are fed by stupidity and, living in fairy tales (lies).  I’m reading a biography of William Paley, the founder of the major TV station, CBS. Paley was a married philanderer of the highest order while his wife was in denial, instead basking in notoriety and luxury. Unwilling to  give up the perks while living in a ‘sexless’ marriage, she added to the lie by silently suffering in denial.  They both ‘lied’, as couples are usually ‘co-conspirators’ of lies rather than face the ‘fear of truth’.

Everything grows in truth.  Lies grow everywhere that ‘truth’ is hiden from.  Truth has no fears.  Lies fear the shadows of truth!  What’s going on is a question that ‘truth’ is always seeking the answers to.  Lies beget lies, while truth begets truth.  Fear fuels the lies of all life.  In fact, the real war is that war between ‘truth and lies’ from ones personal life to the life in the world. Lies work in the dark, truth in the light and, truth is love. There are no reasons to fear the truth when one discerns the best way to reveal the truth in truth. Truth stays away from lies or, at the very least, is always looking to shake down the lies to reveal the truth.

Living in truth is to live in love and awareness of every step along the way of life. Lies stumble upon themselves necessitating (?) more lies for the ‘coverup’. Lies breed lies as truth breeds more truth and trust.  Lies die where truth lives while trying to protect themselves from exposure. Seek the company of truth always, for what can be gained by lurking in the dark but stumbling and falling. In the aroma of truthful love all fear dies.

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