Slave to Misery

CriminalMarch 5, 2010
Be a ‘puppet on a string’ or, cut the strings of attachments!  Freedom never comes from blaming or attributing life’s happenings to others but, taking responsibility for your own choices.  Life controlled by others will be a life of alternating misery and quickly fading happiness. Life has the potential of becoming a heaven on earth with commiserate challenges to convert to opportunities.

The possibility of missing the bliss and love in life are very possible. Few escape out of the ‘rabbit hole’ that they find themselves in. You are what you see yourself as even if it’s an erroneous opinion or judgment. The mind has many compartments that, if not cleaned out of these self judgments, becomes a prison where one becomes a ‘prisoner of the false self’ without ever knowing the bliss that resides in the other compartments that only need positive attention.  Few escape the prison of false self where blisses of life rarely are stored, in fact, way upwards of 95% of the world’s ‘walking cadavers’ ever get more than quick glimpses of the ‘sweetnesses of life’.

Makes no sense being shackled to the ‘conservatism’ of accepting ‘everyone else’ being responsible for what you’ve made a choice to take little responsibility for.  Step up as you step out of the drudgery of the ‘same ole, same ole’ dead conservative rut that only gets deeper as the light of possibilities gets darker and darker.  Today, in the ‘western world particularly, people rarely see that their relationships that have been numerous are always problematic and, escaping the love that their instincts say they deserve to have.  It’s all a matter of self choice which begins with seeing that it’s all yours regardless of what damage or traumas came before in childhood.

Billions live in various forms and degrees of misery. Bliss or misery it’s you choice! Might as well feel happy that you have succeeded in being miserable! If that’s not your choice, let go of it and, drop all patterns that create it.  Start new patterns that open new doors where bliss starts flowing in. Might just start with examining why you are so attached to so many things including emotions that are ‘self induced’.  Freedom comes in letting go of attachments, even love.  Only false love needs attachment. Real love is ‘free while it’s being responsible’.

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