UnBalaNcEd Love

March 4, 2010
Love is like a ‘teeter totter’ that goes up and down sometimes with a resounding thud when out of balance.  The ‘teeter board’ is balanced on the ‘fulcrum’ like love that is perfect until, two people of different ‘self love’ hop into it.  With ‘love’, balance isn’t enough, for two people could be balanced with ‘equal and different issues’ that cause perpetual ups and downs.  Two people with deep love of self, balance love and enjoyment for as long as they choose.

‘Cross dressing’ of love bedevils the hope’s and imaginations of millions over the world. In the beginning, it’s assumed that each of two lovers are both ‘flying on the wings of love’ in tandem and synchronicity.  The sky appears to have no limits for the merge of two lives seemingly destined for a perpetual whirlwind romance, that is, until the likely inevitable clouds and thunderstorms reflect who each is underneath the stars.  Magic has been struck as if the sky opened with the illumination of angels blessing eternal happiness.

Love needs preparation.  Usually that preparation is unprepared preparation for what comes. Being ready unveils itself with two loves exploring the realms of bliss that, unfortunately, frequently turns to two individuals having trouble swimming in synchronicity and staying afloat, other than for survival skills that turn to endless ‘cries for help’ or, the seeming disappearance of the ‘wings of love’.  One wing is deep love with it’s unlimited gifts of compassion, commitment, sensitivity, truth, etc., with the other wing one of ‘awareness’ in always discerning that which only adds to the love of the flight.

Rarely, does one have clear insight into the mind of another to see how the other is feeling the love.  Two people may start in the same place internally with love but, as time travels on to another day, they usually lose sight of the moments that initially bonded them together.  Always, at least one should have demonstrated self love to a high degree and, at least the other be open to seek that journey for the sake of enduring love. Two in balance flying high meeting one another is as rare as two stars in the sky merging to further brighten the world around them.  For the world to become enlightened, the merging of couples in open loving perpetual ecstasy is necessary. Love’s real blossoming happens in that merging of a ‘superconsciousness’!

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