Lookin’ Forward to Yesterday

2151287159_3ee15d12c5_mMarch 3, 2010
Living for yesterday’s memories is like a ‘sleigh ride’ in the summer.  There is little future in the past!  Backing up on a freeway is to invite a collision with those moving forward. Past living is common for those who have no vision for the future.  It can start in young adulthood or more likely as time marches on.  I’ve heard many who talk of the good old times in college as if nothing has happened with joy between then and now.

Life is here to fill it with ‘thankful, happy experiences’ while minimizing those that one would care not to remember. Blocking the past, future and, now with intoxicants to feel good, while bypassing reality, is akin to a blind man on a dark night in a dark house searching for a black cat that isn’t even there!  Life is about challenges and finding the best way to positively deal with what is presented.  Life with no challenges is a life that will become a challenge to live with any enjoyment.  Challenges are not ‘stopping stones but stepping stones’ on a journey to uncover the many blessings that we all harbor inside but for illuminating them.

Your life is a movie but, not a life spent watching movies, window shopping, game playing and, anything to avoid following pipe dreams and treading water going nowhere. What one is inside is far more important than what one is on the outside.  Success in life on the outside is of little meaning when unhappiness exists on the inside.  Break the mold of what’s conventional and routine.  Passing the golf course the other morning, I noticed perhaps a dozen male players traipsing about following ‘golf balls’. On a recent Sunday morning, I passed an Indian casino and in the parking lot were enough cars to fill 5 supermarkets parking lots.  Do these people give back to society in a meaningful way? My guess is, they are living the ‘same ole, same ole’ or chasing fantasies that would be better fulfilled doing something to make life better for those who could use a boost and a helping hand rather than hitting a little ball for blocks or, winning money to lose more of it.

We all have a ‘built in periscope’ to use to look above or outside ourselves to see what other intelligent people might see.  Some aspects of ourselves are best looked at and, examined for a smoother journey ahead or, in other words ‘watching where we are going’, and seeing who we really are not just who others ‘think’ we are. ‘Periscope up’ to look around, includes into the mirror! Look back while moving forward.

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