No Show Love

1531u8zMarch 2, 2010
The thing to know about love, is that it’s sometimes a lonely one way street with no lamp posts to guide the way.  How to light the way when no one is there to show the way?  Walking alone into the alone doesn’t need to be a lonely path even if the love seems so far away.  ‘One way love’ may be passing by what the heart yearns for. Lose the mind and, find the answer in the heart where love is always smiling in hiding.  Don’t make yourself crazy and, find out who you really are and, not who you have grown accustomed to think who you falsely are.

In the darkness of the nite of the soul, there are always stars guiding the way until the dawn of a new day and, a new way. Love always comes back around, so make it a total love that comes back around ‘cause ‘less than full love comes back too’! “The worst in Life is ‘attachment’ …it hurts when you lose it.  The best thing in life is ‘loneliness’, because it teaches you everything and, when you lose it, you get everything”.

Love from those who struggle to love themselves, is at best wonderful in the moment but like the falling snow that turns to cold rain.  One who has deep self love always is protected from ‘retractable’, momentary love.  Fear, as in fear of abandonment, lurks like a shadow with love that begins as a glowing star.  Night falls on insecure love sometimes with the slightest provocation.  Always let go totally and the love you feel will follow you through ‘love’s goodbye’.  People enter into our lives with lessons to give and, love to embellish the heart.  Love’s loss is the clearing of an opportunity for a fresh love to warm the heart but, only when the ‘no show’ love is but a pleasant memory and, not attached to.

‘No show love’ also happens to the person not showing up usually for the rest of their life, so have compassion for those that walk away into the night.  The night’s are ultimately cold and lonely as the stars fade ever so quickly leaving emptiness. Sending warm thoughts keep one’s heart also warm.  Why settle for half way love when once love is deep and genuine, it feeds the heart forever.


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