Merry-Go-Round Slurping

200px-Paardenmolen_bobbejaanlandFebruary 28, 2010
Whether spinning the ‘roulette wheel’ or walking on a ‘tread mill’, it’s all going round and round where it will stop nobody knows and, why care? It’s just a mystery for those living in fear. Is your life one ‘merry-go-round’ with occasional ‘roller coaster’ rides of ups and downs?  Is it the ‘same ole, same ole’ year in and year out, ‘til all it comes to is a ride on the merry-go-round as the years gather the feelings of needing the security that amounts to a boring non productive life?

Fear turns to denial, greed, slothfulness, self indulgence, apathy, insensitivity and, every negative possible round and round they go all ending with the explanation or root cause called ‘fear’. As time finds itself speeding up to an unknown ‘stop’, the roundabout carousel slows to a crawl where all the same life becomes more visible but, few get off their horse to share the wisdom that should come with age to the wanderers.  Those on the roller coaster of fear and exhilaration also go round and round, unable seemingly to break out of the circle that goes no where.

Rich, poor, gifted or dull, there are few who see life as a never ending opportunity to give to those who might want to jump out of the round box and see outside of the illusions.  Life is not just an amusement park for the ‘freeloaders’ passing through without discovering that life is an opportunity here and now to extract all the jewels within to illuminate the self as well as others who struggle in a ‘looping monotony’ of futility.

All your life is inside you, your dreams and loves that may or may not pass through into the physical.  Be open to receive that phenomenon as well as being open to giving to all of life the manifestation of the dreams both for yourself and for others. The love you seek must first be found within to find it’s match in the world of manifested dreams.  Breakout of the slumbers and see what you can give back to life while it’s still available in this dimension.  Life is not just a ‘slurpee ‘ to gobble up but, infinite carnival rides to both enjoy and to help others to enjoy as the rides aren’t just for one lonely soul in the carnival. Is it time to demount the wooden horse and, see the nectar of life beyond the fantasies?

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