Brain Wash Orgasm

3277307474_7b24b02bbc_mFebruary 27, 2010
To drop and let go of all false programming is to wash and clear the brain that was innocent and impartial as to what’s right, wrong and, otherwise. The brain is very vulnerable, particularly in children, to all stimuli and information.  Words that come from authority figures become embedded deeply influencing behavior throughout ones adult life.  To extract information that engenders ‘fear’, if ignored, is usually permanent and, resulting in one becoming identified as it being part of who they think they are.

No orgasms, reluctant orgasms, light orgasms, many mini orgasms and, the manifestation of having less than a ‘nuclear brain clearing’ one, are symptomatic of one needing  a ‘let go’ of memories that clog the being. Not many years ago, not only could this not be recognized but, women were largely dumbed down (as most are still in most of the world) from the orgasmic pleasure.  Men were fearful of women enjoying sex resembling what they claim to enjoy, although most men accept much less than is available.  Deep love, not displayed as such normally otherwise, is a consciousness awakening through the birth of the melting of two souls in complete inhibition.

In the clearing of the mind and heart, a new presence evolves in the being, much more sensitive to both oneself and, the outer world than possible in prior times before the second half of the 20th century.  In the East, for centuries, mystics have experienced that ethereal, consciousness raising state through other forms of meditation alone.  The availability of the union of two individuals was near impossible with the social and caste systems preventing the freedom of sex as well as love. Opening of consciousness and the heart through ‘alone meditation’ although, doesn’t necessarily translate into a ‘godly like’ love union with another. The ‘other’ may be filled with ‘unsolved mysteries’ that cling from earlier intrusions of unwanted information or happenings. Also, the conscious meditator may be like the superstar basketball player who fails at other sports endeavors.

‘Commotion in the emotions’ will impede the bliss that is the right of each being.  Freedom, in the real sense, comes from within but, is superficial with outward manifestations mainly.  The suffering mind seeks worldly pleasures that only leave the true ‘self expressions’ buried in the dark untouched. The only ‘substance’ needed for deep and enduring love is air. Love is in the air, just breath it deeper with a clear awareness – life becomes a ‘valley orgasm’ with, unexpected peaks of bliss!

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