Commotion Emotion

Commotion Emotion
Madonna / "Causing A Commotion" by bradleyloos
February 26, 2010
Drop all discipline and, be in awareness, with discernment, of what you are doing! It’s what ultimately works best that counts most.  This is not to suggest being a ‘drama queen or, king’!  Nor is it to suggest being a ‘controller of emotions’ in every aspect of one’s life. To be emotional at times is healthy as is controlling emotions and, using common sense at times.  It’s balance, like walking a tight rope between two buildings with a ‘balancing pole’.  With experience and, evolving wisdom, one finds what ways create best balance.

Many, many people, male and, particularly female, are like ‘yo-yo’s’ inside moving from this emotion to that one with no balance or insight in how to convert negative emotion into an energy that works for a good healthy experience.  A guest here at the center took her dog of many years to an Animal Shelter yesterday for adoption to a new home as she found her busy schedule not conducive to making the dog happiest.  Her view this morning was that she had to keep busy to not think about it.

I suggested she be happy for the dog who will make someone very happy and, she is also creating good karma through giving something she loved to make another happy, including the dog, who will adjust.  Years ago, when my mother left ‘this plane’ in her late 40’s, my youngest brother (of 6) was extraordinarily upset. I, on the other hand, just arriving from New York to the West, was in a sensitive but cheery mood which further upset my younger brother.  I knew from an early age, that mom had told me she would not be with us very long.  I understood that, and decided to keep an ‘up tone’ at the ‘celebration of her life’ and, spend the rest of my days, thinking and feeling her presence from time to time. No commotion but, lots of loving emotion will always continue as well as, small miracles that seem attributed to her in some way unexplained.

Commotion stirs up the mind and heart from it’s serene centering where blessings come in like the gentle waves of the ocean on a calm day.  It’s important that we don’t hold back emotions in many circumstances particularly positive one that need be let go totally with a partner. Deep love is best to ride on an emotional trackless track to even deeper emotion and love. Holding back is about fear.  Fear of letting go and exposing everything that comes up. Always go all out, even sometimes in anger, but being the watcher!  Empty the mind and the heart with totalness while watching.

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