Pot Heart Damage

965037984_d7c1cc4f40_mFebruary 23, 2010
Pot Smokers create reasons to justify their habit. A popular one is, ’ever hear of car deaths from pot smoking’? Ever hear of car deaths attributed to smoking cigarettes?
Ever hear of early death caused by smoking as well as second hand smoke recipients? Just because pot smoking isn’t popularly known to be the cause of accidents doesn’t mean it isn’t the result of other problems – problems that dumb down self love, ambitions or, responsibilities for example!

No question, a focus on self love and knowing oneself is the number one selection for improving inner self and the consciousness of the planet. People who are walking around with inner problems usually seek a ‘quick fix’ be it alcohol abuse, drugs from cigarettes and pot to crack, meth, heroin and all kinds of designer drugs including Big Pharmas mulit billion dollar ‘pills to cure all’. Only an idiot of the highest order would think any smoking is going to result in more inner self realization than learning that ‘breath techniques’ can’t do better but, not as fast as ‘quick fix’ wishful thinking.

People with inner self love and a centeredness, are not ‘pot smokers’ which doesn’t mean that they never take a puff here and there.  Pot smokers who claim that if it were not for pot they couldn’t do this or that or, have the creative mind they lay claim to, are examples of what pot does to you – clogs commonsense and self love.  Relationships are a necessary and vital part of life, especially loving ones that work nearly all the time. No one needs pot, alcohol, cigarettes or religion to make the heart filled with love that can manifest it with others. Pot clears the mind for self delusion and clouds the mind for the inner truths.

I would like few things better than to see one church service per year dedicating pot smoking to everyone in the stinking pews passing around a joint then, spending 1/2 hour hugging! I’m as pro choice to have an abortion as I am ‘legalizing pot’ however, avoiding both is not a bad idea.  People who truly love themselves and, are able to manifest that with another don’t need pot to enhance it any more than a barbecue needs gasoline thrown on it. People with inner issues that block ‘self love’ don’t need tranquilizers to correct the malady! Love comes rushing in with ‘letting go’ and, infinite forms of natural breathing techniques. Pot blocks heart growth while appearing to stimulate the mind of those being knuckleheads. A computer doesn’t need pot to have millions of times more information than any ‘ego head’ however, it has NO heart!

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