Allah on Wall St.

2666346924_0efa3a9411_mFebruary 21, 2010
Wall St. is a heaven for those who did well in school and desire to make a good living.  Wall St. represents the pinnacle of our education system occupied by the best and brightest. Wall St. is the top of the heap for monetary rewards available for those dedicated in their passion to do the best that they can do. There are ‘rules of the jungle’ like anywhere else as well as, an oversight by the Security Exchange Commission (SEC) to monitor as best can be, in the moment, the activities being honorable and within agreed upon limits.

Allah has very little representation on Wall St. compared to the rest.  Jews and Wasps
(white anglo saxon protestants) run the show.  All mormons or muslims are but a minor glitch in the mix. God on Wall St. stays at the foot of Wall in the old Trinity Church or, it’s graveyard.  Rarely does this phantom God peek out the stain glass windows and, look down Wall St. The elevators are all filled with the money hustlers, their support and, those looking to share the loot (which is what I did).

Wall St. is about ‘salesmen’ making the economy spin in the world and, at home here.
Greed exists here as well as anywhere in the world but, a certain amount of it keeps things rolling to a bull market.  Anyone, even ‘allah followers’ can put on a tie, shirt, suit and get their shoes polished if they have the desire to do so.  Those who sit crying in the farms, factories, woods and so forth over ‘why me’, likely had a choice to take a better gamble while young.

People lose money whether a farmer, working at McDonald’s, or on Wall St. Sometimes it’s for lack of awareness to diversify and open opportunities where they may best lie.  Love is not a big factor on Wall St. Sex, cocaine, income potential and, hard work are.
Seeking people’s illusions of what ancient holy books offer is near non existent, thankfully.  Knowing the rules of the outer world are very important.  Becoming attached to them as a pedophile is to kiddie sex, is to kill the human spirit and soul. Know when to put the rules of the outer world in the back part of the mind and, the infinite aspects of the inner world at the forefront.  That’s where the real billionaires and the rich are. Leave all ‘belief systems’ home away from Wall St. where there is more Godliness than in the churches, temples and, mosques that harbor the real ‘bullshit’ of a ‘Bear Market’.

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