Training Wheel Love

download-4February 20, 2010
Man is still on ‘training wheels’ like a little child learning to ride his bicycle for fear of falling.  The ‘training wheels’ are belief systems, religions, obsessions with drugs, money, porno sites, sex and, the list goes on.  Staying in one place even while running from one end of the earth to the other is just ‘spinning tires’ in the snow getting no where that one considers somewhere.

‘Running on intellect’ isn’t the same as running on intelligence.  Love, barely on ‘training wheels’ is the extent of where ‘intellect’ and biological urges will take one. All the money and even good deeds in the world are seemingly not enough to drop the wheels of fear to ride the 2 wheeler of risk that even falls short of having the courage to ride the unicycle or, loving one’s own heart within.  The evolution of humans into a super race won’t come just with the development of the mind, much like the exponential increase in technological advancements.  Sooner or later man becomes so identified in awe with the toys of technology that he allows it to be used against his inner development.

Living life as what amounts to a ‘checkout person’ in a supermarket with a slick ‘stick house in the suburbs’ wondering not only who but, why you are with the partner who tags along on this boring road of going no where is but an uncreative ‘cookie cutter’ life that billions slumber in.  Grabbing more and more toys off the shelf that only tethers one to attachment of the ‘outer’ is a curse to finding who it is who can just enjoy themselves without all the bells and whistles.

It’s wise to learn the rules of society and then, use them when necessary while putting them in the back of the mind to navigate freely in ways that explore the inner values and treasures that society can easily numb with it’s temptations to follow the crowd and ‘keep up with the Jones’s.  Jones the Jones’s and find your own way of the heart that creates the birth of intelligence while the intellect is in the back pocket to navigate through the hearts wildness.

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