Tiger Woods SexScam

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February 19, 2010
The ‘World’s most famous person’ at this time has been undergoing ‘sex addiction correction’ – a scam for the public and, his wife. Breathing, eating, crapping, and sex are involuntary!  If I were a 34 year old world’s most famous athlete as well as the most famous person in the world, I wouldn’t make a promise of ‘fidelity’ that I couldn’t possibly  keep!  There are thousand of girls who deserve to have a ‘hole in one shot’ that could change their lives even if it’s just fun!

There is NOTHING spiritual about promising something that goes against nature and hurts NO ONE with ‘COMMUNICATION and honesty’.  It is normal for humans to desire others, it’s what they do with that desire that is the issue.  Very few men would have trouble with a choice of a ‘million dollars with no sex but with one person forever or, the freedom and means to enjoy sex with whomever was willing. Not long ago, I was close to someone very famous in sports who made headlines for ‘sexual indiscretions’. He knew and I knew, that the lesson was to be even more discrete.  We both agreed, there seems to be little evidence of a ‘star athlete or politician’ to be publicly chastised once he has been!

I support Tiger Woods enjoying sex with as many women as he wants but, in consciousness and, with communication and agreement with his wife as long as she is married to him.  Pretending to be pious when if the truth be known, one just enjoys healthy connections with others is at the ‘basis of all the lies in the world’.  Couples need to put everything on the table and find the best way to adapt to the realities and, that will require a creative sex life.

Possessiveness by either partner in a marriage can only be healthy with mutual agreement and, in heartfelt consciousness.  Hiding in the shadows a behavior that is perfectly fine but for sensitivity and compassion is absurd!  A tiger in the woods must have conscious freedom!  To assume that a bee isn’t going to check the flowers out for honey is …..just insane. Mutual agreement acceptable to each other goes a long way! Fairy tales are wonderful but, life in awareness and love is better!

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