Sex, Pot, IQ & Meditation

90879920_f54f7bc1ab_mFebruary 17, 2010
Sex is the greatest meditation tool available. But, not ’just enjoyable sex’ or, sex for the enjoyment of one partner.  Deep, deep love making where the participants disappear into a blissful emptiness is a state of enlightenment that eludes most of humankind and, is meditation. Pot is for knuckleheads who need a form of ‘viagra’ to stimulate the function of the organs. Pot or, any drug is a temporary stimulus with no particular positive lasting effects. More and more, people seem to be looking for outer ways of sexual satisfaction which have little to do with ‘consciousness opening’ of the mind and heart.

Shooting for the ‘moon’ when the rest of the universe is at hand but for clear consciousness is like filling one up with ‘junk food’ before a gourmet meal.  Getting ‘stuck’ on ‘fast food enjoyment’ of sex while not taking the time to drop the mind and allow the zone of deep union is pedantic or, just insane. Chasing ‘pipe dreams’ while not spending the time to melt into existence, be it with yourself through meditation or, the mating of souls, is to bypass the essence of life.

Today, more and more are looking for the stars through the smog and fog that only gives the illusion of the real experience.  Meditation may be necessary to begin to clear the mind and heart of ‘issues’ that linger as blocks.  Drugs (ie., pot or, cigarettes) just delude one into thinking they have ‘arrived’ when what has happened is that all personal growth remains ‘stuck’ until the next high and the next high endlessly. To meet a partner continuously in an altered state is another way of saying that you need a ‘mind altering stimulus’ to enjoy the other person.

Real IQ is ‘intelligence quotient’ and, not just ‘intellectual quotient’ where the heart and being is largely put aside.  Meditation increases the ability to be aware unencumbered by clinging personal and social issues. Deep meditation and/or deep love making elevates one to a far greater conscious level than a dependence on the mind is capable of doing. Throw out concern about IQ’s along with the ‘pot’ and, go straight to the source which is the ‘breath of life’ that becomes a conduit to Godliness.

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