Rebel Love

3829756515_af41e38a11_mFebruary 16, 2010
The ‘real rebel of love’ walks out of the chains of the past and, it’s apathy, ignorance and, violence. Love is creative, never stagnate and apathetic. Love knows no boundaries of possession.  Love keeps the flame of passion burning through all trials and tribulations. Until now, most so called love relationships are no more than apathetic, insecure couplings where the ‘love juice’ has soured and turned to a ‘reactionary’ affair slipping into ‘lovers oblivion’.

The ‘rebel lover’ is not concerned about living ‘forever after’ with one partner but, with the quality of communication, compassion, agreements, and mutual positive honesty.  Rebel lovers always seek to deepen the love and meaning of life.  There is no big event at the beginning followed by a slow withdrawal into individual personalities with unresolved issues.  The direction is always toward more love and understanding of each others needs and wants, even compromise is sometimes necessary.

This type of arrangement is open and in tune with all situations in terms of focusing on the loving connection. Coupling has been destructive of the values of two souls for continuous mating and, looking out for each’s needs of individuality and freedom where ‘trust’ becomes ‘hard wired’ into the relationship.  A deep reverence for love and life always predominates every moment.  There are no secrets hence, the possibility of minimizing reactionary behavior that so limits ‘coupling love’ worldwide.  Conforming to societal models of ‘marriage’ is likely not followed in rebelling love.

Divorce or separation for the ‘rebel lovers’ will be a time of loving sensitivity to each other’s path into a life always remembering the beauty of past moments together and, a validation of each moment into the future that is blessed because of that experience. No love is completed flowering until all obstacles are removed to open the doors to reach the highest peaks. Rebel love is ‘creative’!

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