Payback Karma

3368148591_06da2672f4_mFebruary 13, 2010
Why would an intelligent person carry around unresolved issues?  Emotional clearing is to ‘reposition or eliminate unresolved issues’ where possible and, generally it is.  These ‘barnacle issues’ follow one where ever you go, especially when intimacy is desired. Nature is usually, although not always, fair in that what one puts into the self, one eventually gets back.  Neglect the self and, dormant issues that are behind most behaviors and, the discomfort, will always continue to rear their ugly head.

To me intelligence begins with realizing that you deserve the best opportunities in your personal life to further the growth into a harmony within.  Intellect has little to do with that.  A balance in all aspects of the self from sexual, emotional, mental, physical, spiritual all contribute to maximizing ones totality as a human being.  Using all that we have inwardly to elevate ourselves to see a joy within makes complete sense as against just doing the same old stuff that creates problems that are never fixed.

Have known innumerable friends who I have a great fondness for but, have obvious ‘flaws’ that cause them repeated forms of anguish.  The ‘emotional issues’ that are left unresolved keep that way because of a ‘stubborn ego’ that won’t challenge itself to be vulnerable and more and more discerning who they attract and, who will find their qualities attractive. Had one friend who was well educated, great athlete, successful in business and investments but, refused to look at himself when it came to any intimacy beyond ‘hi – come home with me – thank you and, bye! He never even met a girl’s parents! His problem, and millions of others, rests with dropping the outer to look at the inner and taking responsibility to fix what kept him from ‘harmonious connections’.

There is ‘one thing’ more important than all the medals, accolades and, successes in the world and that is finding the ‘you’ that can genuinely be loved at all moments and, that at ‘least’ one other person finding themselves to be in full agreement. There are two times to ‘kill the enemies inside’: Yesterday and, if you didn’t do it, NOW! Try meditation techniques to help!

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