Negative Addicts

3102519025_0fbc9abe53_mFebruary 14, 2010
To be any type of addict, positive or negative is to be attached to behaviors that are not valued enough so as to look at ‘other alternatives’.  The ‘positive addict’ lives in denial that life has many dimensions that are beyond ‘perception of what is positive and, to one may be negative to another’ or, may have no credibility whatsoever.  An example would be people with religious fervor beliefs feeling that anything less than their worship is negative, dooming the person to everlasting Hell.  Another is one who lives attached to hope endlessly without acknowledging ‘reality’ and, balance with common sense.

One could say that the positive addict is actually ‘negative’. However, be it as it may, the world is currently consumed by the vast majority being attached to negative thoughts and, not pursuing climbing up to a new way of thinking and behaving of ‘positive living’.
Negative addicts on some level enjoy the ‘sugared vitriol’ they lay out endlessly.  Many are too lazy to examine their self induced habits that spark attention in others.  For the first known time, the lights are on in the world for all to wake up to see what’s going on and, to see ‘who they really are’ – it’s just a matter of turning the ‘hide and seek’ into ‘look and see’!

I’ve been able to watch a few drug/alcohol addicts over time in my spiritual community/center with the observation and thought that these people were addicts in many, many other things stretching from food intake obliviousness of healthy foods, to insistent behaviors that defied sensitivity to others and, just pure common sense. They are addicted to past habits that have not been examined for faults and replaced by more positive, acceptable ones. In a real sense, they are addicted to past bad habits that they are basically to lazy to trade in for a new set of ‘acceptable habits’.

Reaching inside and pulling out ‘bad habits’ is a good ‘new routine habit’!  Start with one habit and replace it with a good habit.  Roll it around in experience then, pick out another one and, continue the procedure until all have been replaced by healthy positive ones.  It’s not so hard!  Begin with a new habit of just paying attention to what you do and, if it is among the best selections for yourself and, others sensitivities. Make it a habit to live and love from the heart more and more as bad habits disappear. Be a ‘walking good habits’ with a habit of smiling along the way! No more ‘rollover bad habits’!

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