Men-O-Pause Boogie

PMS is real by S.o.L.e
February 11, ‘10
Dance, dance, dance to the ‘boogie-woogie men-O-pause’ celebration.  Some smart aleck somewhere in time, decided to give women’s needed break from men the name, ‘menopause’. I’m no expert on the details of this ‘releasing phenomenon’, however it seems to be a means of birth control, avoiding having to use those silly new age rubbers to prevent ‘babies’. Of course, there are diseases that could cause problems? With a strong immune efficiency, perhaps not a big issue (AIE – Acquired Immune Efficiency).

The news is good in many ways besides eliminating the need for ‘men’ and their using women for their own pleasure, while leaving behind a pregnancy.  No worries about whether to ‘abort or keep’! The ‘G’ spot and orgasms are still there for a ‘meditation experience’ that defies description. When ‘tuning into the ‘G’spot, the beginning of the ‘boogie woogie’, and more, starts. {Warning: certain male dominated backward countries and ideologies still cut out the woman’s pleasure part – but, I’m told the heart can feel love anyway.

Sadly, still the ‘freedom of women’, although many can’t see it, seems to begin during and after ‘menopause’.  There is no need to puff up and go into ‘old lady’ but feel a renewal of the spirit of life and, love. Love has nothing to do with any age but, with consciousness.  Menopause can be a ‘wake up call’ to throw out the garage that the mind is known to accumulate.  The ‘spirit’ is ageless unless one feeds into the demise along with the aging body.  Humans have an opportunity unlike other living creature to be as free as the wind.  It’s all a choice!

Giving out love is one excellent way to stay younger and, always be the beautiful person that has gone through time. First give love to the self and then, little effort will be required to give from the heart to others.  Holding back love feelings ages one unnecessarily.  Makes more sense in many ways for a woman over 50 to have uninhibited ‘sexual meditations’ than at any age.  Doing it in a dark room with eyes closed is the best way to keep out distractions.  Wanna meet God? Keep on doing it and, go deeper!
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