Husbands and Hookers

2874696022_9fe12c4438_mFebruary 10, 2010
Hookers, like husbands, come in all different types.  They both have the same ‘stick it’ needs, only one gives and, the other receives.  Since about 2000 and, the advent of the popularity of the internet, ‘hooking on higher levels’ has clandestinely flourished, largely in secrecy to most wives attention particularly, in and near all large cities.  Smart men (?), avoiding what they deem to be ‘cheating with love involved’,  have ‘stopovers’ at Escorts homes for ‘anything’ they want and then, a clean up shower so the wife has no idea!

The  Escort sites are on the internet where usually highly educated females have opted to deal with a ‘rating system’ judged by past ‘clients’ to seek more popularity and increase their ‘gift’ moving to ‘four $ figures’. It’s funny, when telling women that men are far worse than women when it comes to fooling around, they naively say, ‘oh, you have no idea how bad women are’!  Well, if ‘bad’ is being an Escort or prostitute, I understand that, although, these women are higher in sensitivity than the average woman!’

Have never been to a hooker or Escort however, have had close friends in the ‘business’ particularly at the ‘high end’ where politicians spend ‘lobbyist’s gifts’! Consequently, I have insights into the oldest profession that even ‘Jesus’ sanctioned.
Wives have little clue how this service works and without total partner communication (as most don’t have), they have reason to be ‘miffed’! Few men who use Escorts, feel it is ‘cheating’, so when the wife wants to know if they’ve ever cheated, they can deny it with honesty in their own minds. “It’s not the same as having a secret affair at the office – that would be considered ‘cheating’’, they would rationalize.

Escorts are human, they feel love for some even, the ‘husbands’.  On-line porno is a type of cheating but, is cheaper for the husband ‘tight on $! Open communication and, real love never does things in secrecy.  The Escort husband and the wife of the ‘Escort husband’ are strangely each complicit. To be in awareness  and, conscious is to be spiritual and godly.  It’s ‘wakeup’ time in the world.  Intellect isn’t enough anymore but, intelligence, which includes emotional and spiritual intelligence, is for the new evolving human. Meditating with Escorts is costly. Communication with the beloved is ‘divine’!


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