Be Brash!

3016203745_3824e52a1d_mFebruary 9, 2010
Timid is bullshit as is being judgmental to someone you don’t really know. Strike a space instead in ‘awareness’ with discernment and, insight of what is. Existence is ‘brash’! Accepting things as they are without the passion of firing up the search for the truth and, being ‘expletive’ about it, is to follow the ‘sheeple’. The ‘wolves’ to test one’s fortitude are inescapable.  Why withdraw into the cocoon of assumptions when the answers to everything are just around the corner?

Just because it’s a commonly accepted ‘way’ that you follow, doesn’t make it the sensible and evolved one.  Be brash and assertive but, with empathy and compassion for others. Learn to carry a smile inside or the ability to laugh at seriousness. Always reach out with an invisible flower of ‘truce’ if necessary to modify over zealousness.  Others are frequently ‘stuck’ on programming that needs a lot of super brainwashing with a fire hose to see the falsities in what they cling to.  Be sincere and as truthful as possible as well as, open to criticism, even if it’s misguided.

Be unleashed from dogmas and beliefs.  An anecdote:
A young Catholic girl of fifteen was asked by the Mother Superior what
she wanted to be in life.
“A prostitute,” replied the girl.
“A what?” shrieked the aged nun.
“A prostitute,” repeated the girl calmly. “Oh, the saints be praised,”
said the pious old lady. “I thought you said a Protestant!”

No hope for the dopes of the Pope and. other followers of belief systems that are based on ancient patchwork dogma trying to fit into today’s language but instead confusing those not courageous enough to seek the answers within.  When one is well informed and qualified on a subject matter, they are entitled to be brash but, best with a smile and, inner acknowledgment that they hold the best ‘poker hand’.  All things in life, as in sports, require a focused attention on how best to move into all objectives.  Be brash and, only follow what you know to be true from experience and, not someone else’s ‘left over mentations’.  Be sincere but, not so serious.

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