Invasion of Yokels

138069864_ce0c8a4449_mFebruary 7, 2010
What the hell is a ‘yokel’?  A naive or gullible inhabitant of a rural area or small town. A country bumpkin. You can take him out of the country but you can’t take him out of his ‘small mind’! They’re everywhere – leftovers from the 20th century or, even before. Most of them follow belief systems from people who lived just out of the ‘stone age’.

We’ve got billions of those ‘yokels’ from the edge of the ‘stone age’.  I refer to them as ‘stoners’ who are drugged on usually many ‘intoxicants’ from religion, junk food, junk information, beliefs in the ‘boogie man’, drugs (legal and illegal) and mainly, themselves as they are conditioned to ‘believe’. A ‘yokel’ is rarely excited about anything for more than a moment.  They look at life as a drudgery from one day to the next. Their religion is anything from one of the ancient ones to ‘stuffing each day with concerns of how to find happiness through more money and, stuff!

Yokels make excuses upon excuses as to why they need to what amounts to ‘rowing against the tide’.  A common one I hear is, ‘I need to keep on my job ‘til retirement’ and, all the health benefits.  They have unknowingly bought into a programing that makes them a prisoner of the ‘religion of capitalism’.  There are always ways to escape the same ole, same ole that just amounts to accepting that we all have a choice, we just have to have the vision and courage to see the clearing in the road ahead. It may start with acknowledging that we don’t really need most of what we have and, letting most of it go, opens whole new opportunities.

The ‘invasion of Aliens’ is another belief system that tethers the ‘yokel’ to the cement matt of apathy and lethargy.  A close friend of mine who was the Producer of the famous movie ‘Alien’ (in his early 20’s), laughs at the millions who can’t see that the ‘aliens’ are the people who can’t see who they are and, are aliens to their true selves as well as ‘aliens to other aliens’.  Buddha is always seen laughing and, somewhere, he’s still laughing at the dilemma of man chasing nonsense, looking for fortunes or, fortune cookies, when it’s right their within his heart, just waiting! Time to let go of the ‘alien Yokel’ within! People are better off playing lottery than ‘playing life’ like a ‘yokel’!

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