Chicken or da Egg?

imagesFebruary 8, 2010
Which came first? Awareness or love? Chickens wake up faster than humans but, with limited potential! Chickens are generally raised with no love and, lots of human awareness of how much $$ they can produce eggs or meat! ‘Chicken abuse’ is favored by ‘so called’ humans who claim they live in awareness. Watch a ‘chicken raising’ video if in doubt.  Most human babies are raised in a loving environment with ‘mother love’ or, these days, maybe even ‘gay love’!

Human babies are the least capable of fending for themselves of all animals in the sea or on land.  Human babies are born with unconscious love and unconscious awareness that takes years, at best if ever, to develop into something that allows them to be the ‘Buddha’ or Christ that all would aspire to. All animals are dependent on some kind of love and awareness even if it’s to just ‘fatten them up for the killing to eat’. Humans slobber at the thought of eating chicken, unconscious that someone else ‘de-feathered’  and chopped it up to earn a buck to pay for the chicken killers ‘shanty shack’ and, supporting the kids. All for the chicken lovers (?) ‘unconscious’ glee.

What is best to have – awareness or love? Why make a decision and, not take both with ‘consciousness’?!  The mind can have a certain awareness that the heart cannot and vice versa.  Put them together and, intelligence is uncovered.  This society is ‘mentally oriented’ to work and buy, buy, buy.  LIfe becomes ‘fried’ to the heart.  We are a society of ‘window shoppers’. The few who are here to ‘entertain’ the window shoppers, especially those vast majority who don’t find the ‘innertainment’, uh .. . ‘within’!

With ‘awareness’ one can find all about ‘chickens’.  With love and awareness about chickens, one might use conscious intelligence and, respect for the chickens! Why not?
It might rub off on respect for the self and all the gifts within that are endlessly overlooked!  Intelligence is actually still free!  It just takes a lots of awareness and love!
Why be chicken? Chickens can’t meditate but, humans can!

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