Raw Politics of Love

1525308681_45e1045620_mFebruary 6, 2010
Compromise doesn’t belong in ‘love’!  Why compromise love? Does love require one to tolerate? Is not ‘to tolerate’ a form of grudgingly accepting something? Why compromise and settle for less than wanted? You compromise or tolerate situations or people when the love is ‘thin’ or, perhaps better said, ‘superficial’.  How many join in a partnership of marriage as a form of ‘compromise’? Love is a merger of two souls of unrelenting love.
Love needs no compromise.

When ‘love’ fades, as it usually does inspite of declarations otherwise to please the situation or, others, the ‘juice’ that seemed to be there once becomes diluted with a return to the old habits prior to the connection so that two people are not loving the same person that they began with.  When love is strong, often in the beginning, it’s real.
Later when people fail to stay in ‘conscious love’, the old patterns begin to seep in.  Those patterns lack empathy, compassion, integrity, mutual admiration and, absence of the ‘fear of closeness’.

If you were me and, I were you, would there be any questions of compromise and tolerance or, would everything just be ‘insync’?  There is no question of differing views melting into harmony where all would ‘just be’. It’s always ‘hello friend’, I am you and you are me in the darkest or lightest of moments. All separations disappear except when one needs to just ‘be’ for the good of the ‘we’.  Decisions are made from the aware heart for the benefit of the one.

Love is a many sided affair but, when merged as one, it’s a never ending ‘love affair’.  Between the eyes of love there is a certain melody to always play wherever things go.
Down on the ‘playground of the earth’ in winter, spring, or, summer there is no politics in love to make it ‘fall’.  There is one soul, in you and wherever or, whomever it meets, it’s still the same one following you to meet. Look ahead, laugh and smile, love is always at your side ready to jump inside.

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