Certified by God

2rw02lwFebruary 5, 2010
Are you ready for love – authentic, deep love? Perhaps it’s immaterial in which case – enjoy living in the mind and the material world. Imagine, hypothetically, that God gives ‘certificates’ for perfect self love to deserving, rare individuals. Further imagine that the ‘God Certified person’ finds attraction in someone for love. One is the ‘giver certified by God’, the other is not fully up to ‘self love’. The nature of the connection need not matter whether it involves a physical connection or not although, that would usually be the case.

Chances are good that the ‘uncertified’ will not see what’s before them even though they have been looking for love since they can remember. If they should meet in love, the other either will merge infinitely with that ‘love energy’ or, they likely will resort to where they have always been with love – off and on, up and down. A good rule of thumb, from my experience, is that in relationships, the less focused or, lower in love will dominate the ‘level and quality of it’. The only chance in that situation of one giving total love and the other ‘fumbling’ for traction of consistent, unrelenting love is an openness to an agreement to always be agreeable to opening the heart and, a communication from the heart at all times.

Those looking for love in all the wrong places, regardless of whether the other is ‘perfect’ for that connection, will NOT find it in front of their eyes even if that’s in intimate moments! It’s ALWAYS inside you first and foremost! Trying to love the other while having problems with that within is like ‘blowing bubbles’ that can be saved for their beauty – impossible. Two people venturing in with questionable ‘self love’ will inevitably enjoy a spurt of romance that falters into the same ole same ole connection that most marriages de-evolve into. Puttin’ on the Ritz is common for most couples that hide ‘dysfunctional love’.

Up to your elbows in excuses will not change a ‘love on the rocks’ no matter how much ‘lipstick and perfume’ one puts on it. Functional marriages are often about survival, fear, ignorance, greed and a whole mess of reasons to save it without ‘stopping’ and actively seeking the solutions ‘together’. Each life is a movie filming every moment! You are the writer, producer, director, actor, supporting cast and, the audience who evaluates it’s quality and credibility. Get it right, then ‘sell tickets’ to help others who are sitting in the dark watching a ‘B’ movie that won’t sell a ticket even for a God who holds the ‘certificates’.

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