Heart Room to Share

384839252_1178d4fa5e_mFebruary 4, 2010
The ‘brain’ has been largely replaced by the computer with it’s storehouse of infinite information. The ‘heart’ houses the largest brain that holds the key to love while the brain is too occupied with outer ‘stuff’ to pay attention typically. ‘All heart and no brain’ certainly is a problem but, the common condition of ‘all brain’, particularly with ‘a bypass the heart expressway to the genitals’, is enough to deem human’s most important organ, the heart, to just a ‘biological function’.

Living from the heart, with access to the brain for balance, is to become as ‘godly’ as human’s are meant to be. The current mess of everyone jumping over the attention to the hearts needs into filling the pocketbook, is clearly a ‘foreclosure’ of the heart as well as not living a fulfilled life. Life unfulfilled or, it’s purpose mysteriously fulfilled, finds a way to reduce the time for the body to be occupied. All over the world in any language it’s known as ‘death’. Science has proven that life doesn’t just terminate but continues on in another dimension. Some would agree that this physical form is the lowest but, one in which great learning is only possible with the increased possibility of ‘resonance’. A drum is worthless without a drumstick to give it ‘resonance’, likewise, humans and, ‘shared love’!

The heart opens with a locksmith. That ‘locksmith’ can start with a loving childhood. With a ‘mixed love and fear’ childhood, challenges to open the heart fully are reduced without a clear priority and focus to find ways to free the heart from the mind that pays little attention, except for occasional heart pains. The brain is best used for steering that focus into the heart relentlessly and, as early on as possible into adulthood. The heart door is always available for the ‘key’ but time creates a ‘rusty lock’ and a key that appears to be missing.

Loving God is a ‘oneway’ ticket to the moon but, not to the stars and, back with a heart to share love. Loving Jesus or, one of the other ‘figures’ is just a ‘feel good’ escape from genuine close love. Any conflict with that is just the mind interfering and, at best, getting the heart to follow. It’s called the ‘foolish heart’. Finding someone with a heart full to give inner love with no expectations but the hope to see the joy blossom in you is ‘Divine intervention’ and, worth the seeking while opening ones own heart to even better expand the ‘room of the heart’. How’s your ‘love story’ going?

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