Above the Fray

Nature0012February 3, 2010
Staying above the negative or, nonsense is to stay on the road of the angels where the unnecessary is nothing but a distraction from ‘where devils fear to tread’! It gets ‘dirty’ often when down there in the trenches of dissonance and argumentation. The ‘lower’ has the power to engage one in the mucks of life. Roll up the mind and keep in the heart where the real beauty within rests waiting for greater acknowledgment. A smile and nod are wisdom’s devices to slowly disengage from someone else’s disconnect to sensitivity and the heart.

‘The Fray’ is often from careless words of another or, goodness forbid, unthought out gestures from you. Slips of the tongue and mind can follow one for longer than we’d like. Few are not ‘mired in the mud’ of their own self discontent. Stuck in an endless life time ‘fray’ be it in one’s own head and heart or, in addition, to being unhappy with what life has handed out. An ‘extreme situational makeover’ is often the solution for getting back on a positive track.

Begin by letting go of attachments to aspects of life causing anguish in a careful well thought out manner that is both sensitive to oneself as well as others. Examine habits that create dissonance. Some of those habits may well include staying or jumping into situations that, if one had backed off, there would be no ‘backlash’. Always having to have the last word or, be right is one example. There are much deeper ‘frays’ such as one as friend mentioned that an acquaintance friend of hers is in. The woman has 4 kids, income from the government to help support a severely handicapped child and, a husband who is very possessive, mean, controlling, jealous and, often stays out ‘til after midnight with ‘friends (?).

In America, more and more ‘self help’ or rescue organizations are underway to help those caught in a never ending abusive situation. It’s a personal choice to reach out for a ‘lifeline’ to save victims of suffering. We all have choices to make, be they very obscure seeming. With every fray there is a ‘best choice’ to rise above it even if one has to lose some attachments. Better a slow climb up to clear the air than being stuck in a never ending whirlwind spiraling downward. Existence is always available to support ones who follow the high road, especially when from the heart of awareness. Keep in good Karma – do the best and, the best comes back!

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