Be Godly!

3027423561_89c2dbd460_mFebruary 1, 2010
Hey! Why miss the ‘boat’! See…feel…BE the highest you inside that you can be! Why be someone else or, someone less (or god forbid, more) than you really are? Clean out the memories that you are attached to which create the angers, fears, ignorance and, unnecessary ‘downers’ that you so misguidedly have accepted as ‘this is all there is’. There is only so much room in that wonderful noggin of yours and the beautiful natural settings in it are being crowded by ‘uncomely furniture’ known as thoughts that distract those thoughts that deserve better company. Feng Shui mind!

Truth is, most everyone has an ignorant sense of what ‘God’ is, even though, they have given this ‘illusion of what God is’ into a fantasy talisman. Everyone thinks of themselves as ‘good’, like a ‘good person’ but why rest there but for having to drop one ‘o’ out of good and ‘viola’ we have GOD! Now it makes no more sense to go around saying you are ‘good’ or, just because you drop a letter and, add it to ‘eg’ for ‘ego’ than it too makes for the right, sensible thing to do. God is life, all is life, even in death life continues but, no one goes around calling themselves ‘life’?!

Let Go and, Go with God but, first be one with God or life and, the expressions of self love! Words are words that often reflect erroneous interpretations. It need not be said that ‘one’ is life or, God as it is self evident. The real consideration is, ‘does one love themselves’ all the time and if not, are you passionately focused on opening those qualities that make one ‘godly’? Primary attachment to being the best outer this or that, inspite of it’s possible significance, is very secondary to ‘self realization’ and manifesting that through all moments of life.

Yesterday is a memory, tomorrow is an illusion however, today is a ‘reality moment’ to see, feel and, be what represents a godly consciousness of the spirit now and here. Each persons higher self is best used writing the script of best choices for truth, life and, love at every moment and, be the producer, director and, actor on camera as if there were a God in the sky watching just you. Be your best audience too!

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