Pseudo Love

3346489485_fb565e898c_mJanuary 28, 2010
Mood love, that comes and goes often as a masquerade for the ‘real thing’, is nothing but ‘fractured, intermittent, unreliable love that needs a ‘recall’! Being a good pilot, bus driver or, operator of any vehicle 95% of the time, SUCKS! Loving someone when you get what you want is a ‘cheap trick’ of ‘self indulgence’ that needs to be taken off the road of authentic love. Their are tests for drivers of any vehicle but, not normally available for a persons current love capability.

Working on learning how to love is like learning how to sing when ‘you can’t’, even if you think you can. Becoming good at anything takes passion, patience, persistence and, just a lot of sincere effort. Still hard work may get one, in any endeavor, to the door of success however, there never is any guarantee that the rewards of the effort will be forthcoming, ever! But, the rewards won’t come without the relentless focus. When one is absolutely ready, a ‘grace’ from the unknown may or may not happen and, transform one into possessing deep self love. It’s false to claim ‘knowing love’ when that ‘grace’ of divine surrender hasn’t taken place. Grace from the ‘unknown is real’ but can’t be called or wished for and, then it happens. The effort to reach the door of real and everlasting love is in you but, rarely in two people who come together – instead it’s just ‘functional love’ to manage to make it day after day, month after month and, year after year without the ‘magic of grace’.

Love from ‘grace’ or in a ‘surrender’ that only happens from unknown divine energy is a gift of godliness that is irreversible. It happen like heated water turning to steam at a certain temperature. ‘Hot’ is not enough as an exact temperature must be reached. Two beings become one that also allows the open independence of each but with a bond that moves each together in any way the independent nature arrives at.

Going beyond ‘pseudo love’ always begins with an inner deep love where all impediments of the fears of letting go and, closeness disappear. Pseudo love is ‘selfish on and off love’ and, is like trying to get out of a snow bank where the tires just spin and spin with escaping is just a futility. To look beyond the ego of judgment is to open the door for the possibility that ‘grace’ will bestow the great fortune of all the joys, blisses and, endowments of permanent love. Looking for love in all the wrong places is ‘wheel spinning’ when the right place is within!

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