Back Pack Meditation

P1060195January 27, 2010
Enlightenment is ‘going light’! Grab your empty backpack and, open it up to fill it with things that are dear to you for your continuing journey into the future. Start with the tooth brush and tooth paste plus all ‘toiletries’ that are needed everyday. Next add extra shoes and all the clothes needed for the journey and, don’t forget the pictures!

Include all things important to you such as table and chairs, books, guns, the TV and, computer, the sofa and bedroom furniture. Add your tools and yard equipment as well as the vehicles you own. Lastly, put in the apartment or house that you live in. At this point you should be weighted down beyond the ability to move anywhere under all circumstances. This is exactly what most folks put them selves into, a place where it’s near impossible to change directions should some things change be it an unfortunate situation or, an opportunity that would be a ‘life enhancing changer’.

Grab another backpack and put all your relatives, friends, workers, companies and people owed money to, inside. Make room for all the memories that continue to bother you and, likely keep you from having a clear, consistent, positive life. Add secret desires and wishes to the already full pack. These are the two back backs that you face every morning upon waking. As the morning’s go into years, ‘stuff’ that ‘attachment too’ isn’t needed just keeps growing and, adding to the weight on the shoulders. Is there any room left for you and your passions as well as dreams of what you really want to do but can’t because of the ‘back packs’ filled with obligations and attachments.

The mystic Osho said in his last moments ‘I leave you my dreams’! Isn’t there a dream to live joyously and, not endlessly living life joylessly? It is each of our ‘dreams’ to live a life fulfilled with blisses and, all the love that enriches every moment. It’s time right now to start unpacking that ‘weighted down’ luggage that has become an albatross across the shoulders and, in the way of experiencing a life of love and joy.

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