Needs, Wants, & Wishes

2139684166_18e4c8690f_mJanuary 16, 2010
Up in the air, high above the clouds, one can see through the clouds as the ‘Sun of humankind’ illuminates all. Up there, ‘needs’ become clear and, above ‘wants and wishes’. Our needs are far less in number than our wants and, than our dreams or wishes. On a clear day, we can see forever! When the mind requires little needs, the heart opens to fill the needs of the soul.

We each have little needs compared to our wants and wishes. Being mindful of the difference is to open the door to following a more spiritual, conscious life where all the loving qualities of an evolved being become clearly manifested. Focusing on ‘primary needs’ with a separation of when it crosses the line to wants and wishes, especially frivolous, pie in the sky, ‘I want, want, want’s’ or, dreams that have no basis in common sense, is to put priorities for self evolvement in order. Those who chase visceral wants, from overeating, watching endless ‘gobbledygook riff raff’ on TV, sleeping beyond normal human needs, incessant reading of fiction, to ‘just wasting time, are merely fodder for life’s continuing condition of ‘bottom feeding’. Just existing to stay alive has become ‘outdated’. The ‘state of the world’ today needs everyone’s participation for survival and, evolution of consciousness.

Following your dreams that evoke passion in the heart, is a far more important use of life’s blessing of giving each an opportunity to use this short time for personal and social evolution. Most live to work to buy this and that, rather than ‘conscious working’ to live. Fact is people in general live well beyond their needs. One day the ‘curtain is drawn closed’ to new opportunities. Sadly, most of those opportunities or, faded dreams will whither and float away like clouds in the sky.

Making life into a type of prison is to keep out the internal blessings which all have but, for allowing the time and focus to nurture them to a divine and loving expression. We all NEED love, we all WANT more love to give and receive. We all ‘WISH’ for more love to be a part of every moment! ‘Love’ is the number one thing that we are entitled to feel we ‘need’, want and, wish for!


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