Puzzle of Life

2350778044_0ea10c6c31_mJanuary 23, ‘10
Life is like a puzzle with many missing pieces to yet put together to figure out what is being looked at or, the why’s, where’s, what’s and, how’s of everything! Few figure out what’s goin’ on around them in the world and, too few figure out what’s going on inside themselves. In addition, is the wondering of how to rise above that which makes life less than the ‘pure self’ we’d like to experience.

We are all beautiful if we can see our face through the crowded places of unnecessary attached memories we lug around year after year. We are beautiful when all the impediments to our purity are washed away. It’s being true to ourselves deep inside to bring the sunshine up from the darkness and clouds that cover the beauty. Feel like every moment is just the beginning and, that there is no end and, even that the beginning hasn’t started – not just yet. You’ve always known that somewhere inside.

The ‘sunshine and apple’ of each person’s life is always waiting within for nurturing. A friend, recently changing her relationship with her boyfriend, said to me that her ‘ex’ mentioned that she just hadn’t yet found the pieces to the puzzle of herself. The truth is that both have ‘pieces’ not yet found about themselves to make them whole and able to love while mutually complete. In fact, unless both partners in a couple have their pieces together of self love beyond all fears, an ongoing fight is inevitable over the struggle to find those pieces that are ‘both mixed up’ beyond recognition.

The missing piece ultimately is the ‘peace’ within the heart that’s comfortable and yet passionate about itself. There is a ‘magic’ in feeling the love of oneself within, that seems to be magnified with another who has that same ‘peace’ within. Scattered pieces in one or both create a befuddlement or roller coaster of ups and downs that are only quieted in joyful bliss by a complete takeover of the scent of love that is no longer a shadow that comes and goes but is always there like a God. In that deep love space, what has been called God, goes beyond the imagination and becomes the explosion and light of all that one could only imagine! ‘Reality of love’ is, until then, just an imagination running away like clouds in the sky.

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