Medicate or Meditate

3327842227_d354248e82_mJanuary 25, 2010
When one pisses into the wind, a number of problems can occur, all amounting to reasons not to piss into the wind. ‘Big Pharma’ is dependent on it’s salesmen to peddle it’s wares to busy, well intended doctors. Especially through TV ads, the general public has a pill for everything, even ‘shaky leg’ habits! Keeping the body alive is a key priority, forget about the mind and the ‘feeling heart’, open heart surgery will take care of that one.

The ‘Pinocchio medicine’ for men, solves a man’s ego problems and, gives a woman so much more needed pleasure! Never mind that ‘Pinocchio’s’ ‘woody’ nose grew longer with each lie told, it works well with ‘dickypoo’ even if it’s covering up a lie on how he lives his life. Now word is, women may no longer have to work though ‘blocks’ that prevent orgasms or, reduce their impact. The miracles of the modern ‘snake oil salesmen’, who have the compassion to help people live better lives, is increasing every year as more and more ‘yokels’ need help from a red, white or, blue pill!

If we ‘de mask’ the motives of the gullible or, ‘snake oil salesmen’ (which are represented by pharmaceutical corporations), truthfully, God seems to be alluding to us finding the ‘fountain of life, love, youth and, and, just all the good things which were only in the imagination a few short years ago! To medicate or to meditate, that is the question! Meditation is free and perhaps too ‘airy fairy’ when one can drag oneself to the ‘drug store’ or ‘drug dealer’ for ‘hits’ that are pretty immediate!

One might ask the logical question, ‘If meditation is so good, then why isn’t it taught in colleges like pharmaceutical stuff is? Oh, it’s the same reason ‘love isn’t taught in colleges’! Hmmmm?! Few know what meditation really is but, then again, how many really know what those ‘assembly line quaky pills’ have in them or, what they really do? Rumor is among the ‘meditators’, that deep meditation will eliminate the need for everything from ‘Pinocchio pills’ to pills to mask the smell of ‘anal burps’! Nice thing about the many types of meditation is that there is no need for a ‘salesman’ or any ‘layout’ of hard earned money! Just different variations of breathing … (and without religion!).

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