No Banks in Heaven!

4011120924_93310b9b24_mJanuary 21, ‘10
….and you can ‘bank on that’! That rainy day that some relentlessly ‘over invest and save for’, never comes if truth be known! Prudence for food, shelter and, general cares is of course wise but, seems the ‘capitalistic religion’ causes millions to over do it. When the cup runith over, it’s pure greed that one keeps catching it to store away ‘just in case’ when it’s really unresolved issues that are ‘sticking their ugly head out’ causing obsessive ‘$aving’ behavior.

The future is always now and, attachment to the illusionary future is merely a gamble particularly knowing ‘changing thoughts and circumstances’. The banks up there in the sky ….well, they just don’t exist and, it’s a good thing to bear in mind when devoting hours of thought every day about concern that becomes addictive and obsessive about this and that investment. ‘In-vest-ment’ is meant to go in to the heart (vest) and, open up an account that is limitless to ‘investments’!

A casual friend recently passed who had led a life focused on the mind and, accruing as many investments as he could. He considered it the ‘bottom line’ of judging whether one’s life was worth while in his mind. Never did it occur to him to even have a frivolous daydreaming moment of perhaps skipping down Park Ave. in New York City where he lived. Other than ‘a fling in the rack’ in a lucky moment, there seemed to be no joy of even, ‘feeding the birds’ in Central Park when he could be better working on his investments. He died too soon with millions in the bank and, not even willed to his family. With no insurance (to save money), weeks prior to the obvious ‘end’ he complained over the high hospital costs as if he would have to pay it! God, seeming like a jokester, may have told him there was good news and bad news – ‘the good news is that with ‘positive thinking’ my friend could invest in his investments to make more. The bad news was ‘there are no banks in Heaven because there is NO money!

No Mystic or spiritual person of the heart has ever both followed the money path and, the path of the heart, and never will. The heart must meet it’s own open heart to blossom in a ‘divine being’ that automatically cancels all other ways including, especially, the path of ownership of anything that one is attached to. Heaven within is free – priceless. It is it’s own reward with the joy and bliss it feels in any moment. Invest in the greatest gift – the gift of the open heart!

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