Belief Systems ‘CENSOR’

247022782_76d4a37253_mJanuary 22, ‘10
From the bedroom to the pulpit, censorship is epidemic, rarely for more than to protect the fearful ego that it’s ‘faith and belief’ are being challenged for what one has spent years in unquestioning comfort. To have the courage to listen to opposing viewpoints with an open and non judgmental mind is to enter into the world of superconsciousness where the ‘devil’ fears to tread!

Being only allowed to say certain things that don’t question or disturb ones fragile belief system or, censorship ‘ax’, is akin to being behind bars in a prison where behaviors are held in check. Chances are the one behind bars has crossed the line of compassion for another and, created harm. However, words are just sounds that are given meaning only by the interchange of two people having the openness with one not allowing the exchange.

Being a ‘free speech guru’ of major international sorts and, while always learning the ‘art of provocation for thoughts and dialog, I’ve encountered the whole spectrum of humanity from the appreciative to the knuckleheads who are promising to keep me in their prayers before they sleep. Actually, that may well be the reason my life has so many blessings! Proselytizers of what they allow to be spoken in their hearing zone will censor the scent of intelligence of a God.

A few short years ago, I visited the home of a brother and his wife who had invited a dozen family members to gather to welcome me from my ongoing years of teaching meditation and free speech in Los Angeles. As always, being one who enjoys others company and, rights to espouse their thoughts, I was quite amazed to hear that my thoughtful, ‘metaphysical/philosophical conversations with one listening new family member, were overheard by one of the ‘religious’ guests who exercised her prerogative to ask that I not speak on such matters, later suggesting that I not be welcome in her home! Sometimes being a sensitive open minded conversationalist is liable to encounter surprise rejection. The positive side of negative encounters is to know where one has to ‘walk quietly’ at!

There are few things greater than the freedom to express thoughts and feelings particularly with intimates. As people ‘let go’ of the hearts constrictions and, move to a more open, aware mind, the joys of all exchanges reach greater and greater heights of communion. Cultivating a good sense of humor always minimizes all censorship!

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