Greed Meets (?) Love

2932154983_cf878f086a_mJanuary 20, 2010
Greed has many colors and dimensions as it tries to deny and hide itself as if ‘it’s avoiding others ridiculous accusations. It’s where ‘money is the root of all evil and selfishness’ hangs out, accumulating more and more so they are secure and, ‘taken care of’. They EVEN claim ‘they worked for it’! Those who work hard for low wages didn’t work hard enough according to them and don’t deserve their help, even when it’s needed or, for the ‘betterment’ of many others and society!

Money IS the root of all evil!!! Not the ‘heart money’ that people need for reasonable survival but, the money abused to decorate ones pre-coffin in life with extravagance and luxuries that the average person ‘fortunately’ doesn’t ever see – at least for themself. Some of the extravagance ‘flies overhead in private jets’, rests in ‘gated like mansions’, sails on yachts, etc. The world is in serious trouble as the evil/selfish greedy and, overt and hidden technological ‘advancements’ (?), are moments away from clashing to the destruction of humanity. Word is the US military has created UFO’s and robot like humanoids to be prepared to ‘attack the world’ necessitating a ‘false flag’ control of more money for the teeny group of ‘greedy’ looking to accumulate even more.

There is a fella in town here who exemplifies the evils of ‘accumulation and greed’. I’ve met him several times as he goes on weekends with a very nice friend of mine to garage and estate sales. One would think that he was a 72 year old poor man, even when looking at his house on 2 large lots in a prime area in this upscale town. The yard is filled with ‘junk’ from years of hoarding 360 degrees from front to back with tight walkways to the 2 doors. No one, according to my friend, ever is invited inside (wonder why!?). That’s just the tip of the iceberg! He owns 5 properties (one with 20 acres). On one property he has 9 trailers ‘FILLED’ with antiques and stuff he’s accumulated! He also has many investments on Wall St. of unknown value, owns a 4 seater plane, comes from wealth, on and on.
Most ‘greed hoarders’ are invisible to those who don’t know them. In the US they are in the millions both in ‘their number’ and the ‘millions’ they hoard that is held tight so that only a small percentage (at best) is given to both ‘needy causes’ and, people who could genuinely use the help. It’s ‘capitalism gone amok’! There are NO cases of the greedy being the compassionate conscious people that the times need so badly to help evolve the world through education and other social aids. The real riches are in making life’s main goal to know and love ones inner self and, give back from that compassionate state, to humanity. Greed can’t even smell the scent of love! Time to smell the roses and give back!

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