Pot-ty Training

3690228719_150886524d_mJanuary 16, 2010
Love and ‘pot’ go together like an old donkey and carriage – it’ll work better than having a ‘tiger’ pulling you around but, neither certainly like a Boeing 757 to get you from coast to coast! Viagra or ‘pot’ have nothing to do with the deep quality of ongoing love for another anymore than drinking 3 glasses of milk a day. But, the question may occur in the ‘drugged head’, ‘who cares’?

Does it really matter if one transcends all fears to know and love themselves let alone find someone who will likewise do so? If people would give anywhere near the attention given to work, money making schemes, drugs (including alcohol abuse), and, all forms of entertainment to pass the time away, the consciousness of the planet would begin to rise to meet the zenith of spirituality that less than 1% of the populace have reached. The notion that reaching adulthood and, that those moments make one ‘fit’ for closing the limits of love’s growth is ‘moronic thinking’ but, it’s what happens!

An example of ‘non questioning thinking’ here in this comparatively high conscious town, resides one of the finest organic food co-op markets in the country and yet, the 2 supermarkets here stay open 24 hours per day often with (larger) parking lots filled with vehicles and, 10 times the shoppers. However, incredibly, a ‘casino’ 15 miles out of town has a parking lot equal to the size of all three markets, ‘USUALLY FILLED’! The two ‘stupid markets’ even have overhead signs saying ‘Food and Drugs’! In the Casino, smoking and drinking are ‘encouraged’ by allowing it!

Who cares – ‘humpfff’, is a typical response to any suggestion of discernment over what goes into the body. As much as it makes a lot of sense to legalize the buying of pot in controlled outlets, education on the side effects to the ‘persona’ ability for self inner growth need to become common knowledge. There is no outside answer to challenges in behavior that approximate the capability of anyone to take charge of rectifying all that creates infinite fears and maladjustments. Every life form does best in clean, harmonious air without routine pot usage or, any routine drug use that alters the mind and heart. Breath deeper with consciousness and feel a natural high!

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