Bank Rob Meditation

769895462_eb662cfcfa_mJanuary 17, 2010
Rob was a friend of mine, still is if he’s ok, in Prison where he is deep into his 10 year meditation seance with little else to worry about other than what happens in prisons. Rob was not being calm and watchful one late morning in Santa Monica, California 5 years ago. He had just done his normal giving a note to the teller to ‘fork over the money’ … which went well … however…

Rob forgot his lessons from meditation as he was prone to do. He was a beginning meditator who had not shed his proclivity to be plain stupid yet. It all began and ended quickly from the bank he fled from to down and across the street to an Arby’s for a quick roast beef sandwich and, was interrupted along with the occupants by uninvited Los Angeles Police with guns drawn! Since that time, he spends most of it reading spiritual type books and, the Bible. Apparently, he lost track of meditating and reverted to Jesus. Knowing Rob as I do, it’s partly for hoping to be paroled early.

Rob apparently had not yet gone deep enough into himself while often visiting our Yesss Meditation Center, but at least he robbed the bank with ‘just a note’. Perhaps one of the morals of this true story, is that prayer and meditation with a chattering mind of unresolved issues from one’s past is just a ‘peek into the consciousness’ that rests inside everyone. Rather it be ‘new love’, new prayer or meditation, all are fragile to rise above the lingering darkness within one.

It took millions of years for life to evolve to this point and, those who miss the wonderful, unique opportunities to grow in consciousness to the peaks of their potential, have missed the best dreams life has to offer. Every situation is an opportunity to challenge one to see the benefits that can catapult one to a more clear level. Sitting in a prison praying and meditating, at best, might open ones eyes to see what put them there, was not being aware of who they really are. ‘Down time’ has it’s value but, mixing again into the world brings the real test of how much good it did. This is Rob’s 3rd prison term. The first two incarcerations of isolation didn’t prepare him for the clarity to see the positive opportunities that life presented even though they were right in front of his nose all the time.

Few are ready for a ‘heaven on earth’ even if it’s handed to them! One must have a deep inner awareness of seeing that life is about giving and receiving and, not taking and getting. Rob was handed many heartfelt gifts upon his 2nd release from the ‘prison meditation center’ but without the fruition of the qualities of awareness, the mind seeks instant gratification at the expense of common sense and harmony.

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