Donkey Love

3119978079_ab5320c981_mJanuary 14, 2010
There was a time when riding the donkey was the best mode of transportation. Problem was ‘jackasses’ have a way of their own and, certainly can’t be relied on to make good time. Lots of ‘heeing and hawing’ and, stopping or going with no apparent reason. Love of couples ‘world around’ rarely reaches beyond that state. Love has infinite capacity but, rarely are there not blocks to keep it beyond ‘donkey speed and comfort’. Emphasis is instead focused on everything from complaining to chasing dreams that have nothing to do with initial promises of deepening love.

The consciousness of the planet depends on each individual soul rising above the ashes of those memories of the past that were basically functional for survival. Each soul is dependent on itself for rising in consciousness. We may be interdependent as a collective spiritual force however, it all begins with you, and the you that needs to find the passion to reach the ultimate heights of love.

Careers, education, material possessions, vacations, entertainment are all fine if, regarded as clearly secondary to releasing the ‘love valve’ within. Like water that reaches a boiling point to transpose itself to the steam that can be harnessed for power, love has many increasing levels of power. Luke warm is not a level that reaches any potential to find eternal bliss and joy. Luke warm love often reaches intermittent boiling points but quickly falls into cold, leaving it ‘lukewarm’.

The ‘heavens of love’ are never safely reached with ‘heeing and hawing’ and, trudging along with no purpose or direction to break through to it’s divine limits. Love of self may be critical but it needs the ‘resonance’ confirming it’s authenticity like a drum needs the drum sticks to make sound. ‘Love yokels’ who proclaim self love but, with no resonance of the quality of it, are just hollow drums beating their own ego for no ‘love sound’ other than the cacophony of counterproductive sounds mixed in harmonious clanging that is no better than a walking donkey to take one from one place to another. Only a constant positive passion to reach and lock into ‘loves journey’ forward into love’s unlimited irreversible heights, is capable of reaching the hidden ‘Heaven within’! Arhata

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